Rescue Revolution and Doobert have partnered to create Rescue Connection, a free resource that connects rescues with people who are willing to volunteer!

Rescue Revolution

By working together, we can save more lives!


There are volunteer opportunities for everyone!

Foster, transport, volunteer at a shelter, or volunteer from home!


Are you looking for a new best friend?

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Save more animals!

Connect with fosters, transporters, and volunteers!

Foster an Animal in Your Home

A foster home is a safe place for an animal to live until it is adopted. 

When you sign up to foster, you can specify how long you are available to foster and what type of animals you are able to foster. 

Rescues will contact you occasionally to see if you are available to foster. You can always say “no” if you are busy or if you are already fostering for another rescue.

Transport an Animal

Transporting animals creates room in shelters, allowing rescues to save more animals’ lives.

Every day, rescues need to transport animals across the country. 

When there is a transport coming through your area, you will receive an email so you can sign up to help! 

You can input your upcoming trips, (vacations, going to grandma’s house, etc.) so you can help an animal while you travel! 

Get started by creating a profile on! 

There are so many ways to help save lives!