Increase Adoption Rates

Advertise Online

Advertising online is a fast way to increase adoption rates because most people begin their search for an animal online.

Create Social Media pages for your organization (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.)

Post on Rescue Revolution’s Facebook page! We have a large network of animal lovers who are very supportive.

More ways to advertise online

Local Impact provides discounts to non-profit animal rescue organizations.

Build a Foster Network

Rescue more animals and save more lives by placing adoptable animals in foster homes!

Register your rescue with the Rescue Revolution Registry to gain access to our database of fosters!


  • Ask your volunteers to foster.

  • Use social media to ask for fosters. (Start by posting on Rescue Revolution’s Facebook page!)

  • Post information about fostering on your website.

  • Give your business cards to your fosters in case their friends want to foster!

  • Ask pet-friendly businesses to foster and showcase the animal in their store.

  • Encourage your fosters to look for good homes for the animals they are fostering.

  • Ask fosters to refer potential adopters to your rescue.

  • Make sure animals in foster homes go through the regular adoption process.
  • Many fosters end up adopting the first animal they foster! We lovingly call this a “foster failure”.

Update Your Website

Your website is usually the first interaction people have with your organization, so it needs to make a good impression! It should be professional, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.


  • Tell people about your organization
  • Explain the adoption process
  • Showcase adoptable pets
  • Make it easy for people to get more information about a specific animal
  • Feature a “pet of the week” on the home page
  • Help people find your shelter’s location

Get Out of

the Shelter

Taking animals out of the shelter gives them time to stretch their legs and  socialize with other people and animals. It also gives your organization good community exposure which will increase adoption rates!

  • Showcase adoptable pets in local pet stores and vet clinics

  • Put “adopt me” vests on adoptable dogs and walk them around parks, pet stores, and other pet-friendly locations
  • Hold an adoption event at a park

  • Ask a local business to host an adoption event

  • Visit schools and college campuses with adoptable animals and educate people about animal rescue.

Bathe and Brush

Bathing and brushing animals on a regular basis is an easy way to increase adoption rates. Adopters enjoy holding and petting animals that feel clean and smell good!

It is best to bathe new animals immediately, before they enter the shelter. Bathing washes away dirt, oil, and bacteria, making the animal look, feel, and smell better. Bathing also gives you a chance to assess the animal’s temperament, check for skin conditions, and get rid of fleas and ticks.

Tip: Always use the same shampoo to make all of the animals smell the same. This makes introductions easier because the new animal smells like the ones in the shelter!

Brush the animals to remove excess fur and to make them look their best for pictures. People are more willing to adopt clean, well-cared for animals.

Take Quality Pictures

Sharing good pictures of adoptable animals is an easy way to increase adoption rates! 

  • Only use clear, focused pictures

  • The animals should look comfortable and happy

  • Do not take pictures of animals while they are in kennels

  • Use a good backdrop

  • Pay attention to what is in the background of the picture

  • Use bright colors

  • Put collars or bandanas on dogs for photos

  • Take pictures outside when possible

  • Take candid pictures of the animal interacting with people and other animals

Know the Animals

Write a good, detailed description about each animal (age, gender, breed, physical description, description of personality, likes/dislikes, gets along with dogs/cats/kids)

Post the animals’ descriptions on the kennels, on your website, on your social media pages, and on adoption websites.

List special needs or medical needs last to prevent people from “skipping over” those animals.

Always be honest. Do not leave out negative information about the animal.

Be as informative as possible! Adopter appreciate knowing all of the facts.



Make the Process Enjoyable

A successful rescue makes the adoption experience easy and enjoyable for everyone involved!

Create a comfortable adoption room where the adopter can spend time with the pet they are considering adopting.

People prefer going to pet stores or breeders because the dogs and the facilities don’t smell bad. Make sure your shelter and adoption area look and smell clean to start the adoption experience the right way.

It is important to have friendly staff or volunteers who are knowledgeable about each animal’s personality. They should showcase the animal’s best qualities, while making sure not to leave out negative qualities. It is important for every adopter to be making a fully informed decision.  

Consider lowering your adoption fee to increase adoption rates. Keep in mind that very low adoption fees can be potentially dangerous for the animal. We suggest a minimum adoption fee of $40.00.

Other ways to make the adoption process easier:

  • Minimize paperwork
  • Consider eliminating waiting periods and home visits

Send helpful information home with the adopter.  We are developing resources for rescues to send with adopters. Check back soon!

Follow up with the adopter to make sure the animal has settled in well. Allow the adopter to return the animal if the adoption proves unsuccessful.