our mission:

To innovate and advance animal rescue practices.
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Rescue Revolution is a non-profit organization that provides resources and support to animal rescue organizations all over the United States and the world.

Our goal is to save more lives by collaborating with rescues to innovate their rescue and adoption methods.

Our Story

Before I founded Rescue Revolution, I was the CEO of PAWS Rescue. I co-founded PAWS Rescue with my mom because she and I always dreamed of rescuing animals together. When we learned that cats were not being rescued from our local high-kill animal shelter, we decided that saving cats from euthanasia would be our primary focus. The number of cats that needed to be rescued was overwhelming. In response, we designed and built a cage-free cat shelter so we could rescue more cats in the most humane way possible.

After the first year of operation, I ran PAWS Rescue by myself. It was an extremely demanding job, but it was worth all of the hard work. In three years, PAWS Rescue saved over 1,000 cats and dogs from euthanasia!

My rescue was successful because I used innovative methods to care for the cats and find homes for them. Many people who adopted from PAWS Rescue told me that I should find a way to share my ideas, experience, business skills, and passion with other rescues.

I founded Rescue Revolution to support and positively influence animal rescue organizations around the world!

Miranda Hebert

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Rescue Revolution




A kitten that Miranda rescued from euthanasia ended up on The Colbert Report!