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Rescue Revolution provides services and resources to maximize the effectiveness of animal rescue organizations.

We collaborate with and support animal rescue organizations all over the United States and the world!


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Rescue Revolution is a non-profit organization.
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Rescue Revolution provides innovative ideas, resources, and information to animal rescue organizations.


We collaborate with animal rescue organizations all over the world to innovate and advance animal rescue practices.



Rescue Revolution provides free educational content on our website and social media for rescues and pet owners.



Rescue Revolution supports causes  related to animal welfare, best practices, education, awareness, and prevention.


Rescue Revolution develops helpful resources for animal rescue organizations and pet owners. Check back often because we update the resources page regularly.

Please contact us if your organization is interested in developing a resource page for Rescue Revolution. It is a great way to educate others and gain exposure for your organization!

We constantly see articles on the internet that are useful for animal rescue organizations and pet owners. We post these articles on our website and share them on our Facebook page as a free educational resource.

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